Design solutions & Creative consulting

Working close with international brands and NGOs that are working to improve people life, making a big change in their ideas and how they are communicated.

I have worked as a consultant in companies and NGOs, for projects related to marketing, creativity, or seeking to offer some kind of technological solution to a case study.

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and its education project called Q?rioso had suspend its educational visits with science lessons during the pandemic since we were lockdown. So together we are dedicated to turning all the lessons into viable games so we can keep educating school kids from home.

With the Smithsonian tropical research Institute, I am developing a library collection of all the fauna from Panama, in a 3D platform online to be available soon for all scientific research departments in the world.

Together with “Vital Voices” and its projects “Las Claras” , which empowers low-income teenage mothers, enabling them to finish their studies and obtain their first job, I have worked giving workshops and currently as a consultant for the REDCAP platform for research that can forecast and predict behaviors long-term for prevention and early intervention.

I collaborate with different brands that need creative consulting for their pillars of social responsibility, such as Condones More and their STI prevention and sex education campaigns.