Multimedia Marketing used to be Everything

Client: Cerveza Panamá
Case: When Panama make their first way for the world cup, How can we talk about soccer without saying it?? since other beer brand have being sponsor of it.

Client: McDonald’s
Case: Make video commercials for McDonald’s making awareness of happy delicious moments and family. Always showing off some product on them.

Client: McDonald’s
Work: Even for the summer McDonald’s new desserts flavors, we find a way to kick out the competition increasing sales almost 40% for that summer.


Client: McDonald’s
Work: Instalation for awareness in 5 different restaurants, the idea was mixing two favorite things of teens. Selfies and our Fries. Creating an Social media Trend call #Selfries

Client: McDonald’s
Work: The international Emoji Day we create this emoji-based menu in one of the restaurants so people need to know what means each product in emoji to order, it become a very fun day and we were in all the conversations of social media.

I manage to work with big brands in Panamá making campaign in 360 media even clothes and create new trends in relation with the behavior of the brand desired target.

Client: Alcaldia de Panamá
Work: Celebration of the 500 Anniversary of the city should be branded, also be everywhere in the city. And as part of the important brands.

Also the creation of jingles is still one good way to connect to any generation of people brand based.

Also handing working with different types of animations styles and art direction for a lot of time. Many of this clients are overseas or outside of the country.

Content Creation for Social media is moving faster from what the industry can do. I manage a team of content creators and influencers from different Latin American brands to capture the brand essence.

Client: Nescafé / Nestlé Centroamerica
Work: Playing with the Branding create a character from their accent, to create conversation in social & digital media.

Client: Kitkat / Nestlé Centroamerica
Work: Campaing using influencers and streamers passing a break with a KitKat through different instagram accounts.