A sustainable content creation concept.

Working with a team of designers, video producers, community managers and brand directors is the perfect formula to manage a high quality content for brands. I believe also that a good idea manage to be sustainable for a long road. Here some easy examples.

Client: Nescafé
Work: Playing with the Branding create a character from their accent, to create conversation in social & digital media.

Client: Kitkat / Nestlé Centroamerica
Work: Campaing using influencers and streamers passing a break with a KitKat through different instagram accounts.

Client: McDonald’s
Work: Instalation for awareness in 5 different restaurants, the idea was mixing the two favorite things of teens.
Selfies and our Fries. Creating an Social media Trend call #Selfries

Client: McDonald’s
Work: The international Emoji Day we create this emoji-based menu in one of the restaurants so people need to know what means each product in emoji to order, it become a very fun day and we were in all the conversations of social media.