Discover the ocean biggest mysteries.


It is a very interesting topic to think that the largest shark and fish that has ever swam through the seas of the planet had as a home what at one time were the coasts of Panama.
That brings with it a myriad of reasons why our diversity of marine species is so important and so varied apart from the extensive marine history and prehistory that goes hand in hand.


Show the variety of marine life that inhabits both our Pacific and Caribbean seas and also make known the marine habitat in prehistoric times some of its most relevant species and the wonderful Megalodon.


Children between 6 and 11 years old, students of different applied school courses, science students
There is even a group that may find it very attractive that they are teenagers from 12 to 19 years old.

Sketch and Ideation

We develop a marine exploration platform game, which starts from the moment you choose your character one of the 4 divers until you travel both oceans identifying and writing down each of the species you discover in your blog. In turn, they tell you something interesting about themselves.

Pencil Sketches!

You travel the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and in addition to prehistory.

Prehistoric Fishes
Pacific Oceand and Mar Caribe Maps

Impact, Results and Insights

First week of launch with more than 500 downloads, many original reviews in the Stores and in addition to 2 reviews by youtubers, apart from this it is being played by live students in more than 6 schools in the country with plans to continue growing.

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