Make it Sustainable


Agua Salud’s experimental plots include native tree plantations, silvopastoral and shade coffee systems, invasive grasslands, subsistence farms and forest regrowth ranging from a few years to many decades in age.
The research aims to inform policymaking decisions that have implications for billions of people throughout the tropics. The project’s large-scale reforestation and mixed-use experiments attract researchers interested in facets of landscape regeneration ranging from economics to the restoration of biodiversity.


Find an interactive way to show the audience from all ages the different plots benefits and how the smart combination of those benefit can help the environment to become a more sustainable place and eventually a better world. The project try to make aware people that we still can have hope of having a better planet to live in.


Everyone, Millennials and digital generation, people who is aware of the environment and what is happenning.

Sketch and Creation

We explore different style of illustrations for the game and we all think the best way is to use icons from each plots and their meanings. We also have a nice workshop with all the scientist and group of workers from Smithsonian, to be sure that everything respond to reality in the must scientific way but simple to understand.


We defined the most important plots of the experiments and values ​​were assigned to the qualities that really stand out in terms of sustainability and the environment. After that, it was thought in a puzzle type that your result depends on the final values ​​of each of the combinations of plots that you are able to create. This took a lot of math and scientific meetings to accomplish.

The graphics was all about the correct iconography, colors and composition from stuff like the maps, plot designs and harvest.

Impact, Results and Insights

The game is part of the Agua Salud permanent exhibition in the Panama Canal Museum also people is downloading it a lot and learning about sustainability in a very exciting way.

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