Make it Sustainable

Background Agua Salud’s experimental plots include native tree plantations, silvopastoral and shade coffee systems, invasive

Discover the ocean biggest mysteries.

Background It is a very interesting topic to think that the largest shark and fish that has ever swam through the seas of the

Feelin’ Artsy!

Loving to draw and do illustration for those moments of connections with things. Here are some of muy latest work. Also prepar

Making a lot of Bulla!!

As head of art of a super talented design team we create a bunch of masterpiece keyvisuals for campaigns, brands and other com

A sustainable content creation concept.

Working with a team of designers, video producers, community managers and brand directors is the perfect formula to manage a h

UX for web? Not a problem

Manage to development a bunch of website, through WordPress and other platforms, from ecommerce, web apps, interactive landing

Some funky animals doing funky stuff.

After studied Game Design i launch the studio Inventario and launch this two games one of them still being playing a lot in Eu

Cartoonish Illustrations for Magazines, brands and Fun.

Supporting local brands and artists with illustrations off all kind in a very artistic way, illustration always give a brand t

360 Marketing Campaigns for Everything

I manage to work with big brands in Panamá making campaign in 360 media even clothes and create new trends in relation with t

Colorful Audiovisuals

Audiovisual Creation, writing and Direction for many Audiovisuals commercials for Local and International Brands with great en